At first, I kinda supported how human she was and that she was introspective, airing her ish out. Then, like a typical dumb chick, she proceeded to justify why she was doing what she does. And chicks like that appeal to a man’s natural instinct to get over if they can. A man is going to plunder if it’s made so very easy for him. But he won’t try that with every chick either! Only women like Deja lol. If men are “scared” of you, it’s NOT a good thing. It’s actually a repulsive for us. When we don’t want to try and are just looking for an easy score, we find chicks like this and then proceed to find a real woman elsewhere. It’s true, women have sexual power over us.” Men are kind of weak when it comes to sex and it’s a natural biological function that is very dominant in us, the need to reproduce. Which is why it’s so easy for us to have sex and move on. When a woman makes it that easy, we are always going to win every single time and just have our way then keep it moving. It’s an in and out. It’s always temporary. Then we move on to our real life. Not only that, but now as Black people, we have a different set of standards and the bullshit needs to get cut out. I hope someone like you doesn’t set their sites on Obama!!! Women like you don’t have enough respect for themselves or the men they lay themselves out there for to live up to community-wide standards…it’s time for allll of us to step it up. It may have been fun when i was like 24 but now Shit like this is just wack!