We leave just before 9:00, walk to the metro, he heads to the entrance and I continue to the bus stop. This makes our goodbye abrupt and short because he expects me to follow him to the metro. But, I am outta there. I am happy! I am free! A blissfully short bad (boring) date. My phone rings and it is Mark from the site-that-shall-remain-nameless. I'd only had a couple of emails with him, but I'd given him my number and he said he would call me tonight. Our chat is good. It started out well and kept getting better. He drew me out a little, I told my stories, he laughed. I asked him questions and he answered. I like the sound of his voice. We talked about sports, bad dates, work. I was on. We have tentative plans for Sunday. He said he will call and I believe him.

Grateful for: lots of dates, one good phone conversation and possibilities.