Giving a print command from the PC to the printer is one of the most common ways to give print command. At times due to some glitch, the printer wouldn’t receive the command which as a result would delay the printing operations. This blog provides some easy and quick fixes to Brother printer not printing issue.

Why is my Brother printer not printing?

There a plethora of reasons why the Brother printer won’t print. Some prevalent reasons for this Brother printer problems are:

Paper jam
Hardware error
Obsolete printer drivers
Issue in cartridges
How To fix Brother printer not printing
Solution 1: Verifying whether there is an adequate Power supply
If there is a LED light glowing adjacent to the power supply option, it means the printer is receiving an active power supply.
If the LED light isn’t glowing, it could mean the printer isn’t receiving an adequate power supply.
However, if the printer is receiving an active power supply and still not printing, you might get an error prompt. The error code would further delineate whether the problem is with paper jam or ink cartridges.
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Solution 2: Confirm there is a connection between the printer and PC
Ensure there is a firm connection between the printer and the PC.
By opening the devices and printers in the Control Panel window on your PC, locate the Brother printer you are using.
Check its status. Try setting the printer as your default printer.
While making use of a wireless connection, ensure your printer is in the vicinity of the connection and receiving adequate network strength.
Solution 3: Ensure the printer drivers are up to date
Download the updated drivers either from the official Brother printer website.
You could also update it by visiting the drivers utility window in your system.
Solution 4: Cold Reset
Cold reset is the process by which the initial settings of the printer are restored. Before implementing it, it is suggested to make a back-up of the printer memory.
Resting the printer in its former state may resolve the issue.
The above-mentioned fixes are some quick and easy retorts to resolve the issue. In case your issue persists or you are stuck somewhere, it is advisable to seek our Brother Printer Support . You could receive expert advice from our team which works 24×7 to provide the best solutions to our customers.
 Brother printer not printing