Dear Cherry, Hi, I met this guy through a friend and we talked for 1 month, I went over his home to visit and he came over my house….I talked about what I was looking for in the future as well as a man…we kissed and that was all…..I have not heard from him since…I called and he has not returned my calls or texts…what should I do…I am really embarrassed becaue I was starting to like him?

it sounds like all the guys you’re talking about are narcissists? wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

Met a guy in Oct,everything appeared great until he went old shoulder on me last month needless to say I was devasted and confused as to how he could drop me without notice! He just text me this past sat after 3weeks I responded and he said maybe we can get together soon haven’t heard from him since. Should I let him I initiate the call or should I call him?