I just happened on your website and saw your response to this question and I know that is exactly what my man is doing. We have a distance issue of an hour between us. I know he cares a lot for me and no….we have never slept together. However, we are connected. We dated over a year and a half ago and then one day he just said he didn’t know how to make it work. He has 3 older children in their teens and mine or under the age of 11. He disappears for a while and then about every 2 to 4 weeks he text or calls. He called me one evening after a date and I said what where you doing tonight and he said actually I was on a date and I said “still looking for Mrs. Right” and he said “Mrs. Right lives too far”. Which in my mind is stupid because in this technological world 1 hour is not far. However, I have had many relationships that I have “forced” things to happen and then regretted. So I pray and I let go and I hope that someday he will be smart enough to realize that being with me some of the time is better than not being with me at all. However, if he doesn’t figure this out than he wasn’t as smart a man as I know him to be. Good Luck to everyone and I believe that thinking positive about relationships is the best way to have them become positive. M
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