Check These HP printer errors and how to fix them

The Hewlett-Packard Company, commonly known as HP, needs no introduction. Time and again HP has established itself among the top-notch brands in the field of development and manufacture of hardware as well as software along with providing services. One product of HP that is loved by customers across the globe is its range of printers. Making use of some advanced technology along with making it affordable are two prime factors why it is a hit among global customers. Like all technological devices may incur some glitch, so can HP printers. But no need to fret; the good news is that major issues can be resolved by following some simple steps. This article talks about some common HP printer errors and how to fix them.

HP Printer Paper jam
HP printer paper jam is one of the errors that users may happen to encounter throughout their usage.


Turn off the printer.
Carefully open the printer head.
Find the stuck bits of paper and carefully remove them.
Close the printer head and switch it on.
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HP Printer not printing
This issue could stem from a majority of underlying issues. Some easy fixes to resolve HP printer, not printing issue are as follows:

Check whether the printer is set as default
Ensure the printer is getting an adequate power supply and is well connected to the printer as well as the Wi-Fi network.
Update the driver.
Verify whether the ink cartridges are installed properly and have a sufficient level of ink in them.
Try HP printer troubleshooting. Once the scan is over it would state the issue, simply click “Fix”.
HP printer won’t print black
This error could allude to an issue in the cartridge, printer head, or software/driver.


Try cleaning the printer head using warm water and a tissue roll.
Check the level of ink in cartridges.
Try changing the printer settings as it may trigger the printer to start printing.
Ensure the tape in the cartridge has been pulled out.
hp printer error code
Although HP printer error code could mean various other things, it is suggested to do as follows to tackle the majority of the error codes.


Try resetting the printer. To do so, turn off the printer.
Detach all USB cables as well as power supply cables.
Wait for 5 seconds.
Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
Connect the power supply as well as the USB cables.
Confirm whether the error code has been mitigated, if not, simply reach out to our hp printer support number.
HP printer not printing color
This issue is similar to the error of the HP printer not printing black. Try to implement the fixes mentioned there and check whether the issue has been resolved. You could even invoke the HP printer troubleshooting option to detect and fix the issue.

The above mentioned are some common errors and how to fix them. It is advisable that if you happen to encounter any kind of issue and the above-mentioned procedure doesn’t seem efficacious, reach out to us by dialing our hp printer support number.