Brad K. said...
In Navy Boot Camp, they told us, "If you can't keep up, take notes." They told us some other things, too, but that is mostly in my notebooks, and I don't remember where I put them 34 years ago.

You might try a pack of blank note cards, a box of stick pens that write nicely. Open the pack of note cards, place the pack on the refrigerator, and take 10 and put them in your pocket with one of the stick pens. Then, any measurements you take, any ideas that you might want to journal (or blog!), or appointment you encounter - put it on a card. Once you get used to looking at the cards in your pocket (every morning add a couple blank cards so you always have 3 or 4 blanks) for details, you will actually remember writing the details better. And often writing - taking notes, like in class - helps bring stuff from short term memory to longer term memory.

Every few days check through the pack for cards that have served their purpose and discard or file them.

I am not sure why men go to such long explanations. I think possibly we just lay it all out as we learned something, or we remind ourselves of how we think of something.

And gracious ladies are polite enough to listen, and slow about getting on with the job at hand (which would have shifted the conversation). It doesn't feel like showing off, or even posturing or flirting.

It has a stream-of-consciousness, blogging, journal kind of feeling.

11:19 AM
Ametyl said...
Hahaa you are funny you know :)

i hope u have watched Heroes, last night's was amaaayziiing :P

and i remember the good ol